Website Optimization

Mendo Digital believes in helping you make the most of what you have – whether revamping your existing website or building you a new and improved one. Either way, website optimization is about bringing your business greater online visibility so you can grow traffic to your website and, even more importantly, convert more visitors into customers.

Unlike your business profiles on social media where you’re at others’ whims and algorithms, you own your website. That’s why your website needs to serve as your brand’s center for all your marketing efforts, where your customers find out about your products and/or services, the team serving them, and how to buy them.

Mendo Digital has the knowledge and experience to help you with your website optimization, enabling you to publish web pages and blog posts to attract attention, gather newsletter subscriptions for email marketing, and share social media posts.

Website Design and Development

At Mendo Digital, we pride ourselves on beautiful as well as functional website design and development. Both design and development are important as is the search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) we build into every single one of the projects we take on.

If you already have a web designer or web developer in mind or have already designed templates, we’re happy to partner up with them so that we accomplish for you the exact website you envision.

Responsive, Mobile-First Websites

Today most people visit websites with mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and tablets, with desktop computers comprising a lesser portion of web traffic. In addition, Google and other search engines give preference and greater SEO value to websites that are responsive and display well on mobile devices. Mendo Digital ensures that your website will display well regardless of which devices are used by your visitors.

Website Revamping

As far as websites are concerned, you can’t just “build it and leave it.” Just as business trends and consumers’ needs and/or tastes change, websites need to be updated accordingly. Sometimes it’s just the information that’s outdated; other times it’s the design.

Many times website performance is lacking in that you’re not getting enough site visitors, they’re spending too little time on your site, or leaving without buying, signing up for your email list, or contacting you for a quote. Mendo Digital can revamp individual sections or entire websites as well as migrate your content to a new platform (such as WordPress, Shopify, or Squarespace).

Website Maintenance

We know that for many business owners the chore of maintaining their websites is last on their long to-do lists. However, content management systems, plugins, and application code needs to be regularly updated, and security needs to be monitored and any vulnerabilities quickly patched to prevent hacking.

Mendo Digital can help you with website maintenance to help you keep your website code and security up to date.


Please reach out to us if you’d like “pick our brains” about your current website. We can evaluate your website and let you know whether you can revamp your website or need to migrate to a different platform.

Mendo Digital is happy to work with you in collaboration so that – together – we can assess what’s best for your business success.

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