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We help you optimize your online presence with the following services.

Image: SEO icon - Mendo DigitalSEO

We audit your website and implement search engine optimization (SEO) for it, apply geo-targeting, and/or ensure that your local listings are accurate, depending on your needs.

Image: SEM/PPC icon - Mendo DigitalSEM – PPC

We offer search engine marketing (SEM), also known as paid search and pay-per-click (PPC), focused on driving traffic to your website—Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.

Image: content marketing icon - Mendo DigitalContent Marketing

We author interesting, relevant content to help you keep customers engaged with your brand and products/services—blog posts, web pages, landing pages, white papers, and technical documentation.

Image: social marketing icon - Mendo DigitalSocial Marketing

We optimize your social media presence, grow fans/followers, and help you manage social media campaigns focused on growing your business and engaging current and new audiences.

Image: Web design icon - Mendo DigitalWeb Design

We deliver responsive, mobile-ready websites with unique designs that help your business stand out from your competition.

Image: Web development icon - Mendo DigitalWeb Development

We develop your website on the WordPress content management system (CMS) or develop a custom website for you, according to your needs and specifications.

Image: website maintenance icon - Mendo DigitalWebsite Maintenance

We keep your website and applications up-to-date to help you ensure that your website is accessible and fully functional for your customers, partners, and employees.

Image: integrations icon - Mendo DigitaleCommerce, Analytics, CRM

We customize and optimize eCommerce (e.g., WooCommerce or Shopify) if you sell online, analytics (e.g., Google Analytics), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems (e.g., Hubspot).

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