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News Today: November 1, 2016

Following are the marketing-related news that we found most interesting today.

  • Reputation-damaging content—Google’s algorithm seems to have an embedded bias, which means that negative content (such as a company’s name together with words like “scam,” “rip-off,” or “lawsuit”) often gets higher ranking than positive or neutral content; if you or your company find yourselves in this situation, you’ll need to create content with “psychologically attractive” titles to draw searchers’ attention (source: Marketing Land)
  • Social media: customer relationship management (CRM)—More than half of American and European marketers use social data to connect with and learn more about their customers; those who don’t report being hampered by lack of time, knowledge, and marketing technology tools (source: Mobile Marketing Watch)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)—Thanks to Google’s evolving algorithm, SEO has changed from its inception eight years ago when shady practices like keyword-stuffing, link-spamming, back-end-code tweaking were common to favoring high-quality content, legitimate link-building, local searches, Google’s knowledge graph, and mobile optimization (source: Search Engine Land)
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