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News Today: May 5, 2018

Following are the marketing-related news that we found most interesting today.

  • Facebook’s news feed—Facebook is now refocusing on building more person-to-person engagement, and coming changes: its News algorithm looks at 4 items: inventory (entire content), signals (e.g., when posted, who posted, do you usually like and comment on this type of post), predictions (i.e., the system guesses whether you’ll comment or share a story), and score (based on predictions) (source: Social Media Today)
  • Content marketing on Reddit—Before you share content to drive traffic to your website, research relevant subreddits, look at most-asked questions on topics of interest, and contribute to communities (source: Buzzsumo)
  • Digital marketing in 2018—most organizations see content as business asset, B2B marketers will spend more on content marketing, marketing automation software spending will increase, 100K active bots on Facebook Messenger, and most important networks for influencer marketing are Instagram and Facebook (source: Social Media Today)
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