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News Today: January 3, 2017

Following are the marketing-related news we found most interesting today.

Content Marketing

Content creation, distribution, and promotion—Make your content stand out by:

  • Choosing a solid story angle
  • Impressive photos to delight the audience
  • Use your content team’s expertise and network to promote content
  • Ensure that the content is trendy, creative, and edgy
  • Put it in the right form (e.g., apps., eBooks, flow charts, infographics, podcasts, slides, text, videos, white papers)
    (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

Search Marketing

Link-building in 2017—Improve your practices this year:

  • Look at your backlink profile as well as what your competitors are doing
  • Research before creating content and build authentic relationships
  • Be more selective about content promotion as well as how and where to promote it
  • Share others’ work and replicate your best links
  • Don’t pause link development or disregard paid media
    (Source: Search Engine Land)

Local SEO—Optimize your website’s organic search engine optimization (SEO), but make sure you know how to use SEO tools as well as how to interpret the data.

Tools such as Moz and Majestic alert you about potentially spammy factors (e.g., thin content, low link diversity, large site with few links, few pages on website, few internal links, and external links in navigation). However, these factors also often apply to small, local websites which actually contribute greater value to your local SEO. (Source: Search Engine Land)

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