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News Today: February 1, 2017

Following are the marketing-related news we found most interesting today.

Content Marketing

Content marketers should think like artists while planning and executing content because art is as integral as strategy and execution. Consider taking creative writing workshops and books to learn (and sustain) your craft, protect your productive time, allow others to critique your writing, find flow, ask many questions, value pragmatic problem-solving, and actively seek an audience. (Source: Copyblogger)

Search Marketing

Companies should review their competitive search strategies for both organic and paid search in 2017 by analyzing competitors’ historical data (e.g., paid search keywords and ad copy) and emerging trends (e.g., SEO and paid search keyword changes). Another, more controversial search strategy due to questionable ethics is paid search conquesting, which is bidding on your competitor’s brand and/or branded product names. (Source: Search Engine Land)

Social Marketing

Learn how to manage negative feedback in a positive way by listening and acknowledging without necessarily agreeing, reflecting on feedback to assess its validity, ignoring it if it adds no value, directly addressing criticism without taking it personally, and learning from feedback if it might help you improve. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

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