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News Today: April 3, 2017

Following are the marketing-related news we found most interesting today.

Content Marketing

Attracting an audience to a customer experience or destination that your company builds, owns, and optimizes is what content marketing is about. Take a customer-first approach in order to create a content brand with a loyal following instead of just creating content.

Reach, engage, and convert new customers for your business by setting up your strategy:

  • Write a content marketing mission statement
  • Define the target audience, topic(s), and value that the audience will get
  • Pick a URL (i.e., company’s brand domain or an unbranded site)
  • Decide how branded you want your site to be
  • Include categories for topics you cover
  • Publish consistently and often, making sure that articles list authors and publication dates
  • Include many images to support topics and break up text
  • Add calls to action (CTAs) such as subscribing to your updates
  • Include highlights of top-performing content
  • Attach social-sharing options
  • Define a measurement plan (e.g., for traffic: visitors and page views; for engagement: social shares, comments, and time on site; for conversion: subscribers and contact-form submissions). (Source: Content Marketing Institute)
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