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Is Your Small Business Struggling to Survive?

No one enjoys “challenges” of struggling to survive. 2020, unfortunately, has proven to be a tough year… and it’s not over yet. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic health risks and shelter-in-place regulations that have affected us financially and socially, we’ve had to deal with fires, hurricanes, and a divisive political climate. Small businesses have been hit hard, but there IS help out there.

Help for U.S. Small Businesses

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers coronavirus (COVID-19)-related guidance and loan resources for small businesses. The nonprofit Northern California Small Business Development Centers (NorCalSBDC) help small businesses to create, grow, manage, and operate with one-on-one advising and workshops.

Local Help for Small Businesses

If you’re located in Mendocino County or Lake County, please contact the West Business Development Center, our local SBDC. Check out their calendar of events and sign up for one (or more) workshops (free, via Zoom video conferencing). By the way, we’ll be teaching some of these workshops.


Beware of phone calls or emails that sound too good to be true. Small businesses are especially vulnerable at this time for scams such as loan fraud, grant fraud, and phishing.

Mendo Digital

In addition to help from the SBA and local SBDC, we can help you pivot to marketing and selling online so don’t hesitate to contact us now.


We can help you resolve these concerns. Just contact us and let us know which of these issues applies to your business, and we’ll get started.

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