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Green Web Hosting

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you know that servers such as those that host websites consume enormous amounts of energy and are powered by fossil fuels? And are you willing to do your part to help the environment by choosing “green” web hosting?

What Makes a Web Hosting Company “Green?”

“Green” Web hosting providers offset the energy that websites use by buying renewable energy credits. Your choice of a “green” Web host rather than using any ordinary Web hosting company means that you’re supporting the environment and helping to slow down global warming.

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How We Chose Our “Green” Web Host

We started out carefully researching multiple Web hosts that claimed to be “green” and were impressed to learn that GreenGeeks buys three times the energy used by their servers – hence their 300% “green energy” claim to fame. We then tested them out, looking at factors such as security, speed, price, and high-quality technical support. GreenGeeks passed all our tests and won us over so we ended up not just migrating our website but also bringing our clientele over.

As it turned out, the excellent online help that we received each and every time we had an issue – whether it was during business hours or in the middle of the night over the weekend – became the most important factor and made us fall in love with them. We sang their praises so often and to so many people that we ended up joining GreenGeeks’ affiliate program.

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GreenGeeks Platform

Offering multiple hosting options such as shared, reseller, VPS, and WordPress hosting, GreenGeeks provides you with a platform you can count on as well as feel good about.

  • 300% “green” Web hosting – renewable wind energy
  • Excellent technical support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Bandwidth – unlimited
  • Email ​accounts – unlimited
  • Domain name – FREE
  • Website migration – FREE
  • Website builder – FREE
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low pricing – starting at only $2.95 per month

Web Hosting Features

With data centers located in Phoenix, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and Amsterdam serving customers in over 150 countries, GreenGeeks’ specially engineered hosting platform provides the following features:

  • High speed – Use the latest in speed technology: free CDN, HTTP/2, MariaDB, PHP7, and PowerCacher
  • Security – Keep your website secure with zero-day vulnerability fixes and custom security rules
  • SSD storage arrays – Get fast page loads and maximum redundancy with solid-state RAID-10 storage arrays
  • Scalability – Easily scale computing resources when you’re ready; no need to make do with complicated VPS upgrades
  • Stability – Take advantage of proactive monitoring, daily backups, account isolation, and container technology
  • Support – Get your issues resolved fast from experts available to help you via online chat, ticket, or phone 24/7

Website Migration

If you already have a website you don’t need to worry about the stressful chore of transferring your files over. GreenGeeks’ site migration specialists will take care of your website migration at NO cost to you.

No Need to Be a Technical Guru

GreenGeeks makes it easy for the average person to quickly set up a website. For a WordPress installation, for example, it only takes ONE click. (By the way, if you’re a genius, congrats, but why expend your mental energy on building a website when you can reserve your brain power for something more meaningful… like coming up with new technologies to mitigate global warming.)

Unbeatable Pricing

How low can you go? It might sound like limbo, an old dance contest that originated in Trinidad, but the starting price of $2.95 a month is reaaaally low – with no hidden costs. Plus, GreenGeeks offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Go Green

Honor your commitment to being “eco-friendly” by choosing GreenGeeks to host your website. You can also contact us with any questions.

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