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Digital Marketing Today: January 7, 2019

You can rely on us to keep you up-to-date on the latest digital marketing news, best practices, and industry trends. Following are the ones we found most interesting today.

Content Marketing

Reoptimize old content—Choose the following types of pages to make more relevant: those with outdated data or discontinued tools that still get clicks, that are slowly increasing or decreasing in organic traffic, and/or that are stuck on the second page of Google search results. You can take advantage of tools that make it easier for you to update old content:

  • TextOptimizer – Analyze Google or Bing search result pages, extract common terms, and use semantic analysis for a list of topics and keywords
  • Serpstat’s URL vs. URL – Check well-performing keywords for your link as well as those from two competitor links, then view the resulting interactive Venn diagram showing how far your page is from the others
  • Featured Snippet Tool – Assemble and organize “searches related to” keywords for queries your page already ranks for
    (source: Content Marketing Institute)

Digital Marketing

Benchmark marketing operations and technology salaries—If you work in a martech position, consider participating anonymously in the 2019 salary survey. You’ll contribute to the marketing operations and technology community and get to see compensation benchmarks across several operations and management levels along with martech responsibilities. (source: ChiefMarTec)

Consider making marketing and analytics “step changes”—Look over two “Top 10” lists for marketing and analytics “obsessions” and choose which step changes (large or sudden discontinuous changes, especially those that make things better) to focus on.

  • Top 10 marketing focus points:
    • Reduce bounce rate of your top 10 landing pages by 50%
    • Refine your social media strategy
    • Use lots of creativity, then let smart algorithms take over
    • TV campaigns: optimize for reach + one overarching story + creative consistency + ensure each successfully tested creative has enough frequency to wear-in OR maximize performance digital opportunity
    • Understand customer journey
    • Make sure content targets intent
    • Invest marketing budget where you make more profit, but not when it’s diminishing returns
    • Align your marketing strategy with your products, goals, audience, and amount of expressed intent on the platform
    • Execute your campaigns better
    • Speak up about low-quality work and suggest alternatives
  • Top 10 analytics focus points:
    • Reduce bounce rate of your top 10 landing pages by 50%
    • Cut 40% of numbers on your dashboard and explain what to do with the rest
    • Expand your skills and practices to take advantage of smart algorithms
    • Take data visualization class to draw out the essence of data
    • Continue measuring even after campaign end
    • Calculate your personal impact upon company revenue, then improve it
    • Run a very large controlled experiment
    • Decide on four relevant micro-outcomes to focus on in 2019 in addition to revenue (macro-outcome)
    • Use data-driven attribution instead of custom attribution model
    • Hire experienced statistician for your analytics team
    • Bonus: Spend less time on data capture and reporting and more time on data analysis – ideal formula: data capture 15%, data reporting 20%, data analysis 65%
      (source: Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik)


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