Image: Skunk Train - Mendocino Chamber mixer

Chamber Mixer: Skunk Train

Today we attended the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce mixer at the Skunk Train Depot in Fort Bragg, California. Robert Jason Pinoli, “the Chief Skunk,” spoke of the Skunk Train’s rich railroading history and his plans for the future of the Skunk Train.

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon, and the sunniness lingered on attendees’ faces, making us all feel young and carefree. We chatted with fellow Chamber businesspeople on an open-air rail car and nibbled on appetizers, then washed them down with the Train’s signature drink, the “Zorillo Especial” (“Skunk Special”).

The new rail bike we’ve heard about was on display, but we weren’t allowed to try it out – bummer! We also didn’t win any of the raffle/door prizes – oh, well, we had a good time, anyway!

Thanks Skunk Train and Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce!


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